Microsoft Word Styles is not the easiest of features to get your head around, yet an understanding of Styles is fundamental to the building of robust and well crafted documents and templates.

How often, for instance, has your automatic numbering “broken”? This is often because you might have cut and pasted sections into your document from another document that had different settings for its automatic numbering. When this happens, Word automatic numbering becomes unreliable and can come up with some very unexpected results.

Microsoft Word Styles on ribbon

5 good habits for using Word styles

  1. Keep your styles clean – when you paste text in from another document use Paste Options: Keep Text only
  2. When using a document from an outside source, start by copying and pasting into a new clean document
  3. Create your own in-house default style set and use that for all new documents
  4. Do not use the automatic numbering and bullet buttons from the ribbon- create your own styles for these
  5. Use the built-in Headings 1-9 so that you can take advantage of the powerful features that use these styles

Creative Connections can provide you with a toolbar that enables you and your staff to apply quickly and easily Styles that are consistent and dependable.

Let us take the headache out of your Styles. Call us to discuss your Style requirements and together we can work on an elegant solution.