How important is it to you how your document looks? Is Microsoft Word document formatting a headache for you? How often have you puzzled over formatting long documents such as reports, board papers, financial statements or quotes?

5 common Microsoft Word document formatting issues

  1. Styles are all over the place because different users have cut and pasted in blocks from other documents
  2. Automatic numbering goes all wrong when you add or delete items
  3. You would like to have different headers and/or footers on the first page but are not sure how to use this feature
  4. Everything goes pear-shaped after you have mixed landscape and portrait pages
  5. You can’t move images to where you want them

Our Microsoft Word expert Wendy Francis can help you with all of these issues and many more.  Wendy has a background of English teaching and lecturing in Communications. She has been working with Microsoft Word every day for more than twenty years which means that she has come across all the above issues. She can do a quick fix on individual documents for you, or train you or your staff on how to format documents professionally.

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