About Content Managed Websites (CMS)

Creative Connections specialises in the creation and management of content managed websites. A content management system (CMS) allows you as the owner of your site to input and change text and images easily on your site without having to write code. We do the hard work for you – we set it up and show you how to make simple changes and updates. This means that you need no special web design skills or software. Also you can make the changes to content from any computer or mobile device.

The websites developed by Creative Connections have many other features and tools that simplify the management of your website including:

  • Browser based easily updated shopping carts
  • Easily managed restricted access areas
  • Automatic archiving of content
  • Blogs

WordPress Support and Training

WordPress is by far the most popular Content Management System. We create most of our websites using WordPress because people enjoy using it and find it easy to learn the basics. You will receive brief one-to-one free training and a customised user guide to start you off with your new website. After that we stay in touch with you and we are always there to give you free help and advice when you want to make simple changes. If you require further support or development we will respond swiftly and complete the work at a very reasonable rate.

Call us now on 01327 260340 / 07403 237059 or email consult@creativeconnections.co.uk.uk