Welcome to the Training Section

training01_smallCreative Connections has a wide range of training courses. We write all our own courses and user guides.

Our training courses were traditionally two days in duration, but we are realistic and know that many of our clients do not have the time or the money to pay for a full two days, so we customise our courses.

You can “cherry pick” from the topics we suggest to you to form one day or half day courses, or you can select a handful of topics to be covered in fast track one and a half hour modules.

The choice is yours. We will work with you to achieve your aims and objectives so that you get the maximum out of our training. We always provide telephone and email support for an agreed period after the training.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to give your staff the opportunity to fly with Microsoft Office!

Our Training Vision

“A PC network is not just a configuration of pieces of equipment…

It is a group of people working together in order to provide a quality service for their clients. It has always been my aim to inspire the people I train to see the potential of the new technology to speed up and enhance their work. Above all, I want them to experience the pleasure of acquiring new skills that give them the control that they seek. I would like to invite you to dip into our Creative Connections Web pages. I hope that you will find the information both useful and enjoyable. ” – Wendy Francis

Assessment of Training Needs

training-needs-assessmentOne of the tools that Creative Connections uses to assess client training needs is our unique Office Training Checklist. We have drawn up a list of the skills in each element of Microsoft Office and we send it to the client to reproduce and circulate to their staff. A checklist is filled in for each member of staff, and a customised training course is built up from there.