Microsoft Word for Windows for Legal Firms – Supervisors Course

DURATION:- 1 day

PARTICIPANTS:- Experienced users of Word

OVERVIEW:- This course is designed for delegates who have already attended the Creative Connections one-day MS Word for Legal Firms Advanced(or equivalent). Selected features are studied at an advanced level, and delegates learn to set up and modify default settings, create standard documents and procedures, and support other users.

OBJECTIVES:- The delegates will, at the end of the course, be able to:-

Add shortcuts to the desktop
Maintain the filing system on disk
Set up and maintain a local backup procedure

Create and modify toolbars and menus
Assign keys
Create and modify macros
Create and modify styles and templates
Prepare documents for review
Protect documents
Set up and modify standard documents
Design forms
Set up mail shots

Optional Compile an index and table of contents
Create cross-references and footnotes
Insert borders and shading
Set up calculations in tables
Interact with other applications

FURTHER TRAINING:- Creative Connections Workshop