Microsoft Word for Windows for Legal Firms – Advanced

DURATION:- 1 day

PARTICIPANTS:- Users who are already using Word for legal work and wish to expand their knowledge and use the package more effectively

OVERVIEW:- Delegates learn to use selected advanced features of Word with particular reference to their company and individual requirements.

OBJECTIVES:- The delegates will, at the end of the course, be able to:-

Use Tables, Frames, Pictures and Objects
Understand how to link embedded graphics, text and spreadsheet data
Use Footnotes, Annotation and Revision Marks for easier text referencing
Use Bookmarks and Cross-referencing within documents
Modify the Automatic Numbering Feature
Use Fields and Switches
Use different Headers and Footers within the same document
Utilise the advanced Mail Merge features
Use Calculation and Mathematical Formulas in tables
Enhance the appearance of text with Boxes and Dropped Capitals
Generate a Table of Contents and Index
Create and modify Styles and Templates
Use the Outline feature
Create and use simple Macros

FURTHER TRAINING:- Workshops to deal with specific requirements