Guest WiFi For Independent Retailers

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The benefits of guest WiFi:

  • Increase dwell time in store
  • Competitive edge (helping to level the playing field with big retailers)
  • Tool to promote in-store and online offers (captive sign on page)
  • Ensure that customers can make full use of online services
  • Meets customer expectations and strengthen brand loyalty
  • Allow customers to research & make buying decisions
  • Make it easy for customers to share offers via social media

The ability to engage with your customers while they are at your business opens up a limitless range of possibilities for promoting your products and services.

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What you need to consider:

  • Who can access your guest WiFi and when
  • How easy will it be for customers to connect
  • How to control what content can be viewed and downloaded
  • How many customers can connect at the same time
  • Will your existing broadband package be sufficient
  • What do customers see when they first connect

We will work with you to identify exactly what you require and find the most cost effective, secure and reliable solution for your business.

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What is Required:

  • Business broadband connection and router
  • Unlimited broadband package
  • WiFi access point
  • WiFi network management platform

At Scan&Get can we help you select the best guest WiFi provider, equipment and solution for your individual requirements.

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How to make money from your guest WiFi:

  • Connection page to current offers
  • Connection page to customer sign up form
  • Connection page to social media sign up links

It is critical that all the above pages are mobile optimised, ensuring that customers can quickly and easily complete the actions that you want them to.

The Scan&Get marketing platform allows you to do all of the above and much more.  It allows you to truly engage with your customers and offers a wide range of online services that customers are starting to expect and would normally be very costly to provide.

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No need for large investment

  • New equipment not always necessary
  • In many cases only a low cost access point and cloud based network control platform is all that is required
  • Get connected from as little as £100.00*

We can provide with you a range of powerful online marketing tools that will ensure that you capture the attention of every customer who connects to your guest WiFi and give you the opportunity to sell more products, grow social media and customer marketing lists, strengthen your brand and increase  customer loyalty.

*Assumes that you have an existing compatible broadband service and router. For more advanced features an annual subscription may also be required

Yes I get it – what’s next?

Call us today on 0800 999 2363 or email us at and one of our mobile marketing experts will be happy to discuss your requirements further.