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One to One IT Support

One to One IT Support

Creative Connections has a long history of providing one to one IT support and training.  The benefits of this are that training can be tailored exactly to your needs, and the training and support can be carried out at a time of your choosing, in a comfortable relaxed environment, either in your own office or home office, or you can come to us.  We support and train on all of our websites and software customisations that we supply to our clients.

Online Personal Consultation and Training

Do you have a problem with Word or Excel (any Windows version) that you would like to ask Wendy about? A burning issue like Word Headers and Footers that’s been annoying you for ages but you haven’t got the time to go into it in depth and you would just like a live consultant to explain it clearly and simply? This is a new service that we are trialling right now.

Email Wendy at consult@creativeconnections.co.uk and if it is a simple question she will probably be able to answer it right away. If it is something more complicated you can book a Skype session with her and she will explain how to do it, using various tools such as screen sharing and sending files and brief documentation to you. It is your call. All you need for the Skype session is a Skype login. In this trial period, initial consultation is free! If you would like to continue with more sessions a reasonable fee can be negotiated. But let’s see how this goes first! Give it a try now!

Software Support

We provide training and support on Microsoft Office products, particularly Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook.  But not only this – with individual support we can help with problems that you may be encountering with your email and Social Media set up, for example Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.  Our long experience of working with IT means that we have many resources that we can draw upon to help you and advise you on making software purchases or the safest way of downloading and installing free software, making backups and a host of other questions.

Device Support

We can also give you impartial advice on purchasing devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, printers.  We have time in individual sessions to listen to your needs and work out together what best suits you and your home or business IT.